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    X Ways to reduce online payment processing fees-3

    6 Ways to Reduce Online Payment Processing Fees

    Owning a business is great, but dealing with all the fees to run one...not so much. This is why you have to become a savvy entrepreneur who finds ...
    Dec 12th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
    X Customer Management strategies to enhance relationships and revenue-1

    6 Customer Management Strategies to Enhance Relationships and Revenue

    There are only but so many customers a local business can obtain. The apparent reason: your physical restrictions. You're bound to the locals in your ...
    Dec 11th, 2019 CRM, CRM Systems
    3 Core Features Your Lead Management Software Needs-1

    3 Essential Lead Management Software Features

    Do you have one friend who seems on top of their game at all times? They remember every birthday, bring reusable bags to the grocery store, and mail ...
    Dec 10th, 2019 CRM, Marketing Tips
    X Mistakes to avoid when choosing a merchant processing service-1

    6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Merchant Processing Service

    Being a local business owner doesn't mean you can forego using online payment methods. We find that roughly 59% of people are using mobile web ...
    Dec 09th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
    TK Factors That Impact Brand Reputation-2

    4 Factors That Impact Brand Reputation

    It's common knowledge that reputation matters. Your customers wouldn't hire a babysitter or book a hotel without checking reviews or asking a friend ...
    Dec 08th, 2019 Marketing Tips
    X marketing strategies for gyms (that actually work)-1

    7 Marketing Strategies for Gyms (that Actually Work)

    People today are fascinated with the idea of being thinner, fitter, and overall fabulous. This is why you'll see millions upon millions of selfies on ...
    Dec 07th, 2019 Placement, Marketing Tips, Google My Business

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